晴趣屋 -香港成人用品、情趣玩具

現今社會風氣如此開放,但在性和成人情趣這些相關議題上,仍然傳統,往往還只能偷偷的討論,遮遮掩掩難以啟齒,好像一公開討論,就會被貼上某種較為不好的標籤,連帶相關行業的工作者也會被用有色眼光看待,比如「販賣成人用品 | 飛機杯 | 安全套」 ... 其實性玩具或情趣玩具可以給人帶來美好的體驗,比如得到更多快感,營造更好氣氛,幫助單身或有困難的人發洩情緒等等,可以很健康很正向,大家也都是靠著性行為的發生而誕生在這個世界,不論是從中得到樂趣或為了神聖的孕育生命,都是很正常的行為,只是似乎還不能被大眾接受? 因此我們想做的事情很簡單,讓情趣放晴,不能讓它躲在陰影黑暗中,於是「晴趣屋」便誕生了。


One of the largest sex toys retailers in Hong Kong, Adult Loving has two stores conveniently situated at Kwun Tong and Tsim Sha Tsui, just a few minutes walk from the MTR station.

Our stores offer thousands of sex toys imported from the US, Europe and Japan, ranging from dildos, vibrators, SM & bondage to cock rings and lubricants. We also have a wide selection of sexy lingerie for him and her. You can try our toys on display for fun. Our knowledgable staff will be happy to assist if you need any advice on sex toys.

Our professionally designed and SSL protected website is also there anytime for you to buy our products online. Products sold on the website can be collected at chosen MTR station or convenience store, as well as delivered to your doorstep.

Enjoy the time shopping with us and we look forward to serving you soon!